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This is a chance for you the reader to help contribute to what you see published here on the Web. Twice a week, we will post a new topic, and solicit suggestions for the top ten entries for that subject. The results will be compiled and displayed one week after the topic was posted. Remember that we get hundreds of submissions for each topic, so don't get discouraged if we haven't picked one of yours yet.

Top Ten Signs Your Band is Playing at a County Fair

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Your opening band is a group that plays the Star Spangled Banner on their armpits. (Bentley Bones)
9. The breeze bring the odor combination of popcorn, grease, oil, vomit, and manure. (BABaker)
8. You hope that's tobacco juice all over the stage. (AlHubb)
7. You are interrupted half way through your first set because they need the trailer/stage for a parade float. (AlHubb)
6. The aura from the pink tube tops in the audience is blinding you. (AlHubb)
5. Your contract stipulates that none of the band members have been genetically modified. (Arcola Mike)
4. Wanting an encore, people hold up flaming corndogs instead of lighters (rorschak)
3. The white substance under people's noses really is powdered sugar. (Arcola Mike)
2. The mosh pit has 6 inches of mud, several pigs, geese, and a blue ribbon calf. (whyBother)
1. You're not sure if the audience is booing or mooing. (Toasterpig)

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