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This is a chance for you the reader to help contribute to what you see published here on the Web. Twice a week, we will post a new topic, and solicit suggestions for the top ten entries for that subject. The results will be compiled and displayed one week after the topic was posted. Remember that we get hundreds of submissions for each topic, so don't get discouraged if we haven't picked one of yours yet.

Top Ten Signs You're in a Bad Halloween Costume Shop

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Only three costumes: Kim Jong Un, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Lady Gaga. (Buffalo Gal)
9. The "fake" blood isn't. (AlHubb)
8. All the shelves are empty but labeled "Invisble Man Mask $25." (WAM)
7. They only carry Janet Reno costumes. (Buffalo Gal)
6. Every single costume is a ghost and the lables all read "50% Cotton, Twin Size." (MLehde)
5. Kids get to sit on Satan's lap. (Arcola Mike )
4. You're frisked for silver bullets at the entrance. (Arcola Mike )
3. They don't actually sell any costumes. They just charge a fee to trim your clothes down to make them "look sluttier." (Mute)
2. All of the costumes are of the proprietor's ex-wife. (Outsyder)
1. They stopped selling costumes in July to get set up for their Christmas sales. (Mute)

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