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For 20 years, this site was a chance for you the reader to help contribute to what you see published here on the Web. Twice a week, we posted a new topic, and solicited suggestions for the top ten entries for that subject. The results were compiled and displayed one week after the topic was posted.

We enjoyed providing a small form of humor to the web for twenty years. Thank you all for your suggestions and support. Below is our final list (of lists). Sadly, only 10 fit on a top ten list. There are many many funny lists you helped us compile. See all 1936 of them with the links below.

Top Ten Top Ten Lists

(by over 9,000 user votes)

10. Top Ten Signs Your Wife is Having an Affair with a Circus Clown
9. Top Ten Things Overheard at the Beach
8. Top Ten Signs You're Too Old to Watch This TV Show
7. Top Ten Little Known Things Confucious Say
6. Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Bad Luck on Friday the 13th
5. Top Ten Things Uncle Sam Will Do When He Runs Out of Money
4. Top Ten Signs You're Not a Good Lawyer
3. Top Ten Most Useless Objects Ever
2. Top Ten Real Reasons You Took that Medical Terminology Class
1. Top Ten Things Classic Rock Taught Us

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