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This is a chance for you the reader to help contribute to what you see published here on the Web. Twice a week, we will post a new topic, and solicit suggestions for the top ten entries for that subject. The results will be compiled and displayed one week after the topic was posted. Remember that we get hundreds of submissions for each topic, so don't get discouraged if we haven't picked one of yours yet.

Top Ten Defense Tactics for Turkeys in November

(submitted by Magus Noan)

10. A good old-fashioned rendition of "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" (Ms. Miss Patricia)
9. Mastery of Turk-Won-Do (rorschak, BABaker)
8. Team up with that annoying Chick-fil-A cow to encourage people to eat chicken. (Arcola Mike, JAM, BABaker)
7. White sheet over head to disguise as an injured, over-weight bald eagle (JAM)
6. Float like a butterball, sting like a bee. (BABaker)
5. Paint tail feathers teal and try to pass as a peacock (Magus Noan, Rigoletto)
4. Steal a lampshade and pose on an end table (Magus Noan)
3. If it is duck colored, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck it might make it past Thursday. (RAM)
2. In blue states, wear big "GMO" sticker; in red states, "organic." (Mute)
1. Announce a Thanksgiving Day sale, scheduled right for dinner time. (Tristan)

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