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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Move to California

(submitted by Jas)

10. You've always wanted a governor that could kick the hell out of aliens. (Toe9)
9. Little known Prop 69, providing state subsidized dates to the socially disadvantaged (notMe)
8. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Day Care Center is still a great value. (Jibby)
7. There isn't enough tofu to feed your addiction in the other 49 states. (Jd)
6. It's Mudslide Home Relocation program is the best in the country. (duckbilled platypus (weh, weh)...)
5. Earthquakes are like nature's free roller coasters. (jd, pezgirl247)
4. You can get up 3 hours later and still not miss anything. (Maniac Bob, Maniac Bob, TT)
3. You want to get away from all the liars, cheaters, and swindlers back home, and move in with the pros. (Maniac Bob)
2. Mudslide Surfing: It's all the rage. (Lords of Mudtown)
1. It's home to the California Raisins and the San Diego Chicken. Enough said. (allismarie)

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