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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have a Big Nose

10. You have 47 body piercings... in one nostril. (Ilsoap)
9. You wear a 5 pound backpack to act as a counterwieght. (Tatut2000)
8. You need a team of sherpas to blow it. (anglesius)
7. When you were a kid it was a popular hiding spot for hide-and-go-seek games. (Ilsoap)
6. You can sniff chrome off a trailer hitch. (DDDave)
5. You can't use revolving doors without looking straight up and squatting at the same time. (Major Tom)
4. Canyon tours run twice daily. (carlagirl)
3. Your ears are the size of dinner plates, but people still refer to you as "the guy with the big nose." (Alfredo Garcia)
2. Picking it requires the actions of all 5 fingers. (mistergeek)
1. People keep asking you to whisper poetry to them while you hide in shrubbery. (erin)

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