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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Drawbacks to Dating Superman

(submitted by No Dear I didn't.)

10. He keeps streaching out your best tights. (WAM)
9. He gets terribly depressed any day he doesn't get to rescue you at least twice. (Maniac Bob)
8. That total geek Clark Kent keeps hanging around. (Geoduck)
7. Every time you want to cuddle, he claims he hears people screaming for help across town. (Wools)
6. He has a long list of people who constantly try to kill him. For most people, something like that is a red flag. (a little glowing friend)
5. Being put in a rocket and sent to a new solar system as an infant leads to some impressive abandonment issues. (BABaker)
4. Like he's not checking out all your friends with that x-ray vision. (lefty)
3. You get kidnapped monthly by the new up-and-coming Super Villain . (Spoticus, Wools)
2. You always have to pretend that you're so stupid that you can't recognize him when he puts on a fake pair of glasses. (MLehde)
1. He does EVERYTHING as fast as a speeding bullet. . . (, WAM)

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