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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for Why You Were Late to Class

(submitted by like-a-rolling-stone123)

10. A livestock truck in front of me wrecked, and a stampede of donkeys caused a traffic jam. (Wild Ass excuse) (BABaker)
9. But, Professor, I was attacked in Mafia Wars, and I couldn't get the stupid help request to post in Facebook! (Magus Noan)
8. I used iOS maps to get to school. (Steve Weiss)
7. I had a flat on my skateboard. (Stephen H, AlHubb)
6. With my new mega super saggy jeans, I can only move my feet 6 inches per step. (Jibby Time)
5. I thought I saw Elvis at the 7-11 and I had to go back to check. (Wools)
4. I was helping the nuns who were escorting the orphan children to save the baby ducks. (nerfmanB)
3. Not my fault! That campus map is not drawn to scale. (BABaker)
2. The dining hall was out of bacon; I assumed there would be no class today. (BABaker)
1. I was out of Total, and had to eat 14 bowls of Cheerios. (BABaker)

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