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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Challenges for New World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

(submitted by p0m)

10. Riding a unicycle non-stop from New York to LA (AlHubb)
9. Figuring out why a little "castle" would move (Stephen H)
8. Maintaining self-esteem when autograph-seeking fans discover he's not CSITTL's notorious Magus Noan (Magus Noan ;-))
7. Not looking like Matt Damon (Good Ol' Horseface)
6. Convincing Justin Timberlake to work with him on the "Bringin' Chessy Back" song (BABaker)
5. He has already mastered sitting down and being competitive on a world class level, next up is driving in a circle to the left. (Wools)
4. Winning an intense game of "Hungry Hippo" with any 6 year old (AlHubb)
3. Keeping both a wife and Mother-in-Law happy (AlHubb)
2. He may be chess champ, but how many #1 top ten entrees does he have? Get on it, Carlsen! (Mute)
1. TWO nights in Bangkok (Micklin T. Rahe, Who Just Remembered The First Five Lines Of The Song)

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