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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons This Page Came Up in Your Google Search Results

(submitted by Nicko)

10. You searched for "meaningless cyber-affirmation," and ... bingo! (Magus Noan)
9. I'm still trying to figure out why searching for "Ben Franklin" brought this up too. (norma)
8. See old top ten list: Top Ten Ways to Hack Google's Search Algorithm (rorschak)
7. You entered "Internet Fads of the 90s." (El Barton)
6. This is the site that inspired the public announcement campaign "Friends Don't Let Friends Net-Surf Drunk." (Spoticus(Check your keyboards at the door))
5. Except of eBay and Wikipedia, it was the only site that included the words "Halloween," "flamingos," "lasik," "roommate," and "Harry Potter." (Magus Noan)
4. Google needed one more page to make your search for 'kumquats' come out to a nice even 401,000. (Oops I did it again.)
3. A Google staffer has the #1 Entry this week, wanted to show it off, and tagged the site to be pulled on every search. (Spoticus)
2. You typed "top ten reasons this page came up in your google search results" into google. (theEARWIG)
1. You haven't figured out your parents' Net Nanny password and this is the only non-porn site left on the Net. (CraigC)

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