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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten New Snapple® Flavors

10. Easy does it Prune punch (Haywood Jablome)

9. liver and onions (Scott "The ACE" Eldred)

8. carbonated cranberry cod-oil PUNCH (Crispy Knight)

7. Beige. (What that isn't a flavor?) (Gryphon)

6. Strawberry apple banana grape tofu punch (Michele Whiting)

5. Creamy cottege cheese (Cincinnati Country Day School Sixth Grade)

4. Butros Butros Kiwi (pooh)

3. Chunky Peanut Butter and Chocolate (

2. Stawberry-Spam Cocktail (SPH)

1. Berry Berry Overly Hyped Drink (Gregg Emmel)

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