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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Road Signs You Never Want to See

(submitted by Tang boy 'n' Guppy)

10. For optimum performance this road is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. (mjolnir)
9. Roads Slippery When Wet With Blood (Tantay)
8. Warning: Entering "Spy Hunter" game zone (BullFrog)
7. Loop-the-loop 500 ft. Maintain speed above 120 mph (JEB, NDB)
6. You are now leaving Hawaii. Enjoy your trip. (Earl and Edna)
5. Gurm Frebe hasly ZoyGOt: $1500 minimium fine (DracoDei)
4. Toll Booth Ahead: Exact change or first-born only (BullFrog)
3. Winds on Overpass May be Unpredicatable -- Carmen's House of Chili close to roadway (The 37's)
2. Hit any pedestrian to continue (Floyd Dridges)
1. Government Manure Fertilization Project, next 250 miles (guy smiley)

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