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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Failed the Midterm

(submitted by JEB)

10. You get a card offering "special bulk rate" from the tutoring center. (Maniac Bob)
9. You receive a bill from the Physics department for "red ink." (Ida Know)
8. You really thought you had that subject down pat, but you don't remember the terminology 'molarity' or 'titration' from your Political Science text. (TBeeber)
7. Half way through guy cheating off you says "Man, you're screwed." (joe)
6. As time runs out, you go to fill the last oval only to discover there aren't any left and the first one is empty. (townkrier)
5. The Class: Geology 101; The test question: "What is geology?"; Your Answer: "Like, the study of maps and where stuff is on a globe." (Tom G. { })
4. Looking back on it, B.S.-ing answers for multi-variable calculus wasn't as easy as you expected. (JEB)
3. Your astronomy essay was a brilliant piece about why capricorns are such lousy test takers. (Laffman)
2. Your professor asks you not to turn in your sister's coloring book pages next time. (mandy)
1. Five essay questions about great world leaders, five Spice Girls... it seemed to work out at the time. (JEB)

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