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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Explain Your New Pet Porcupine to your Spouse

(submitted by Delayed Synapse)

10. "The guy in the alley said that all poodles have rough hair like this at first." (The A Man)
9. "We can train it to clean the chimney." (John Boy)
8. "I TOLD you I'd rather kiss a porcupine than you with that beard." (Tass, Scratchy and Icthy)
7. "I've never had this problem with this brand of Chia Pet kit before." (Mammy Salloan)
6. "Porcupine, what porcupine, isn't that a golden retriever?" (puccina)
5. "I got tired of my 'Koosh Ball'." (Matt Scruggs)
4. "Honey, it was either this or the rhino. I think you would have made the same choice." (The A Man)
3. "I swear honey, it's great with children." (lost boy)
2. Wait until she sees how versatile it is for serving hors d'oevres at your next cocktail party. (daroy, Warlok)
1. "The pet shop threw it in free when I bought the six skunks." (Maniac Bob, LindseyJ)

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