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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard at The White House Easter Egg Hunt

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. "Don't get the Easter Bunny started on the 'pro-yolk' vs. 'anti-yolk' debate." (Arcola Mike)
9. "Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want to know why there are no black eggs." (Warchild)
8. "Sorry kid, the First Lady insisted that all the eggs be filled with tofu and bean curd" (MLehde)
7. "Hey look at this cute bunny pic Anthony Weiner just sent me. Eew, never mind." (lefty)
6. "How come all the eggs say 'Made In China' on them?" (BABaker)
5. "You found twenty eggs, that's amazing! Now if you'll just step over here to the IRS booth..." (Krig the Viking)
4. "Hey, did someone check and see if the Easter Bunny has enrolled in Obamacare?" (Crandon)
3. "Keep the Secret Service on alert for any potential Humpty Dumptys." (Arcola Mike)
2. "Who invited that Snowden kid? He found all the eggs in two minutes and took them all to the party at the Russian Embassy!" (Squeezette)
1. "Yes sir. The drone imaging says there's one about one meter to the north of our current position." (Oops they did it again.)

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