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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Move to England

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10. Crown jewels: It's just so cool knowing your taxes are protecting tiaras and necklaces. (bitter ex)
9. To test your hypothesis that the acoustical qualities of the Chunnel would allow one to detect even the slightest passing of gas from someone on the French side (Menasaur)
8. Much easier to taunt the French (Father Time)
7. Fanny packs are still cool there. (Topher)
6. All the religious nuts over there already left to start a little country called USA. (Menasaur)
5. Because Daisy is doing America (Arkman)
4. If you don't like it there, and you can't folow English laws ... free trip to Austrailia! (JLM2recolonize)
3. To find out if there's any truth to the rumor that Prince Charles is the product of the Queen's tryst with Mr. Potato Head (whyBother)
2. So your Siamese Twin can drive for a while (Joe Miller)
1. Why study the English language if you're never going to travel and use it? (The Cunning Linguist)

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