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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Tips for Final Exams

(submitted by Kent)

10. Get out of the Star Wars ticket line and take your test. (what?)
9. Never sit next to that cute girl you've been pining after all semester. (Topher)
8. Remember, an exam for a class that can be taken...or repeated, numerous times...or offers a "make up test" is NOT final. (JLM2ndTry)
7. When asked to site historical examples, do not describe the first time your suggestion was posted on the Top Ten List. (Steve Weiss)
6. Any pain you might or might not feel in your side is now cause for an appendectomy. (DA maNA)
5. If you were stoned when you studied for the test, make sure you're stoned when you take it. (Real advice from my prof.)
4. Do not assume that all the questions are rhetorical. (Dan Misses Michelle)
3. Caffeine: There's a fine, fine line between "alert" and "God, I have to pee again." (GeoffLaw)
2. Don't procrastinate. You can do that later. (JustinA)
1. Repeat forms are available from the Information Office once the exam is over. (krayZpaving)

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