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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Everybody's Always Picking on Canada

(submitted by Nikki)

10. It's full of Canadians. (eh?, dust bunny)
9. Well, what are they gonna do about it? Curl us to death? (Thomas Palsson)
8. Who are they trying to fool with their "Canadian Bacon?" (Laughman)
7. Because we really like hearing them come back with 'Oh yeah, aye?' (Buttsey57)
6. People hate raking leaves in the fall and Canada's symbol is a leaf. Coincidence? i think not. (the guy formerly known as drew)
5. On most maps, it's pink. How can you not make fun of that? (Indigo)
4. They have a leaf on their flag. I mean jeezz, why not just go for it and have a pocket protector on there too. (Buttsey57)
3. Any country with "Looney Twonie" money deserves to be ridiculed. (Me and Revcan don't talk much...)
2. People are angry at Americans, but vent the anger at their nearest neighbour who coincidentally isn't a nuclear power. (canuck)
1. They're like a big amalgamated goo composed of all the reasons why everyone hates French, British and American people. (hog_ignorant, JLM2ndborn)

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