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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Do With Your Own Aircraft Carrier

(submitted by hired goon)

10. Carry all of your aircraft. (it wasn't me, Nonbarbie, flournoy)
9. Cruise the Pacific and search for small, uncharted islands for Ginger and Mary Anne. (darthgator)
8. Launch devastating airstrikes on every telemarketing firm on the Eastern seaboard. "Hello, my name is Goober, and I'm calling to inform you that you've been selected for a low-interest AAAHHH!" (Skating "No More Calls During Dinner" Zebra)
7. Turn it in at the junkyard. With all the metal and glass, that's a helluva lot of nickels. (hog_ignorant)
6. See if you can create big whirlpools just by driving it in circles really fast. (hey, it works in the bathtub)
5. Use it as an excuse to build world's biggest bathtub. (Deimodius, Maniac Bob)
4. Is it Trailerable? (kill me please)
3. Sell it to pay for your student loans. (Vasitor Returned)
2. Take it all apart and rebuild it in a gaint size glass bottle. (smoothiej19)
1. Laugh at people that complain about having to fill the gas tank on their SUV. (Barry)

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