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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You've Reached the End of the Internet

(submitted by hotshot_724)

10. You enter a chat room with Jimmy Hoffa, Elvis and the old lady that used to say "Where's the Beef?" (hoss)
9. Your next click takes you to back to ARPANET. (malaka)
8. You see a group of elves madly trying to lay cable as fast as they can. (srp)
7. Error 666: error 404 not found. (john john)
6. Your modem falls over a cliff. (nuts)
5. The pages turn pink like at the end of a grocery tape roll. (backflow)
4. The ending credits, then your browser stops and begins to rewind itself. (mikieb)
3. There's a sign that says "merging traffic-information super highway ends 1000 feet". (mr buffalo)
2. 'Sorry, is already registered' (Mazza)
1. 600 million pages of footnotes. (Alfredo Garcia)

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