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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten signs Your Relationship Isn't Working

(submitted by Adam)

10. For Valentine's Day, she gave you a box of Conversation Hearts that mysteriously all said "I hate you". (BKred)
9. Unlikely that Mom will ever forget his "pull my finger' stunt. (DDDave)
8. A 2 carat diamond shouldn't melt in hot water, should it? (DDDave)
7. Post-it notes left all over house so you can be criticized while S.O. is away. (VISGOTH)
6. When you come home, she's in bed with your neighbor, and you don't seem to care as much as you once did. (Dain Sandoval)
5. Statement: "I love you." Reply: "I need a drink." (VISGOTH)
4. Your partner keeps putting you on hold during phone sex. (Oops I did it again.)
3. She says she needs to tell you something, but that she wants to do it on the Jerry Springer Show. (BKred)
2. Her pet name for you is "Mister Insenstive Jerk". (Faux Pas)
1. She comes to bed dressed in a shark cage. (Alfredo Garcia)

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